For CO Real Estate Agents

Business Boosters for Real Estate Agents in Colorado

In this very competitive Colorado Real Estate market, it is often difficult for Real Estate Agents to find ways to manage their business properly, market effectively and retain past and present clients continuously.  I want to share some tried and true ideas that have helped other successful agents stand out from the rest.  I have broken them down into categories of marketing, business management and client service and retention.

Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Create A Winning Relocation Kit
4 Keys To Prospecting Success



Business Management and Development For Real Estate Agents

Beware of These IRS Audit Triggers
ALERT: Wire Fraud At Closing



Client Service and Retention

Customer Service vs. Customer Elation: Raving Fans Raise The Bar For Acceptable Service
Amp Up Your Database: How to Capture “Orphaned” Clients