Costs of Obtaining a VA Loan in Colorado


  • A funding fee must be paid by all veterans using the VA home loan program, except those exempt due to receipt of disability compensation.
  • The funding fee can range from 0.5 percent for Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loans (IRRRLs) to 3.3 percent for veterans who are subsequent users of the VA home loan program.
  • For all VA loans, the funding fee may be paid in cash or included in the loan.
  • For more information on the VA funding fee, contact your VA Regional Loan Center.


Other Loan Closing Costs

Reasonable closing costs may be charged by the lender. These costs may not be included in the loan. The following items may be paid by the veteran purchaser, the seller, or shared. Closing costs may vary among lenders and also throughout the nation because of differing local laws and customs.

  • VA appraisal
  • Credit report
  • Loan origination fee (usually 1 percent of the loan)
  • Discount points
  • Title search and title insurance
  • Recording fees
  • State and/or local transfer taxes, if applicable
  • Survey

No commissions, brokerage fees, or “buyer broker” fees may be charged to the veteran buyer.



Veterans seeking more detailed information concerning the VA home loan program may request VA Pamphlet 26-4, VA-Guaranteed Home Loans for Veterans, or VA Pamphlet 26-6, To the Home-Buying Veteran, from VA.

Remember, VA-guaranteed financing is a benefit which Congress intended eligible veterans should have. If you are a veteran home buyer or know of one, it makes sense to look into the VA loan program as a good way to finance a home purchase.

To locate a VA facility, or to obtain more information on the VA Loan Guaranty program, visit and click on Facilities Locator.

If you would like to talk to me more about obtaining a VA Loan, feel free to call me at 303-549-0891.

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NMLS# 197552
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